White Paper

LangChain, a next generation platform
to redesign translation ecosystem
based on EOSIO

LangChain is created to bring a fair opportunity where knowledge gap exists according to different language usage. We are here to overcome language barriers, redesigning translation ecosystem. LangChain is with the benefit of Blockchain technology based one EOSIO. We are decentralized value-creation platform with transparency, helping the distribution of world’s knowledge.

What LangChain can do?

LangChain is a platform for collecting translation data. In particular, EOSIO-based Blockchain technology records user’s data contribution and usage on Blockchain. LangChain provides translation services through products developed by LangChain. Mycat is a service delivery tool for professional / amateur translators. L.lab and T bot provide fast translation services with short text sentences, making it easy for anyone to use translation services. And LangChain’s first and main dAPP, Ciceron, connects the client to the translator, giving the client a good translator and a good work for the translator. LangChain contributes to changing the structure of the existing proprietary translation industry and restructuring the translation ecosystem. LangChain is a value-creating platform that reduces knowledge gaps based on language usage and contributes to fairer knowledge sharing.
LangChain rewards LangChain Token for contributed data.
The contributed translation data is recorded on the block chain.
LangChain is committed to providing fair compensation for contributed translation data.